Bring your friends together with movement! Add a personalized yoga session to any event you are hosting! From bachelorette parties to brunch and anything in between, Roseberry Yoga customizes your event based on your needs.

Surprise your guests with an energizing and sweaty Barre session or a mellow and Zen Yoga flow. You can choose from any of the formats listed below or create your own personalized program.

Some of our most popular personalized formats:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Power / Athletic Flow
  • Gentle / Slow Flow
  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Barre and Pilates fusion
  • Pilates and Yoga fusion


Pricing Options

Roseberry Yoga will develop a customized program to meet your needs. From special modifications, to specific focuses, we want your guests to be satisfied. Pricing includes your class as well as travel and set up*. Our customizable programs are broken down by time and participant numbers as follows:

30 minute class

  • Up to 10 people: $100 flat rate
  • 11 to 15 people: $10 per person


60 minute class

  • Up to 10 people: $150 flat rate
  • 11 to 15 people: $13 per person


*Additional fee for extended miles outside of the greater Raleigh area.



Do you offer modifications?

We frequently focus on different methods of movement and body configuration based on individual needs.

Do you offer different levels of difficulty?

We can cater any of our classes based on a group fitness level ranging from novice to expert.

Do you provide your own weights and equipment?

We generally ask that all participants provide their own mats, weights, and blocks if needed. Accommodations can be made by request.

What sort of space do I need to accommodate your class?

This will vary depending on the size of your party, but a general rule of thumb is roughly 3 feet between each mat.